Trees & Forest - The Photographic Art of Burke Triple B Coleman

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Kwanzan Zen #1 - Salem, Oregon - USA

The Kwanzan Cherry Tree. So far in my life, easily the most magnificent and impressive creation I've witnessed sprouting from a tree branch. First experienced in 2017, my first Spring in Oregon. A discovery that provided an ecstatic feeling of wonder, and reverence for God/Nature's creativity.

I could hardly believe that something so beautiful grew from a tree, appearing as if giant pink carnations or roses hung from it. And thankfully, their brilliance can be found all over the Salem, Oregon area where I've resided, and eagerly anticipated their arrival each year!

On this day, I was in a state of pure zen, with no other care in the world, besides my mission of admiring and capturing this beauty. Only a simple stroll around the block was required, where I encountered three of them, and lost track of time and surroundings.

The wind was gusting, adding a challenge to the mission, and an opportunity to practice the zen art of allowing. This, along with my usual handheld captures resulted in a tad bit of motion blur with this piece.

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