Sunsets & Sunrises - The Photographic Art of Burke Triple B Coleman

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Summer Sanctuary Sunrise - Dayton, Ohio - USA

This Summer time prairie was found along the roadside in Dayton, Ohio. A rare occasion of me waking up, and setting out on an excursion before the sun rises. I set out with no particular destination in mind, and ended up on Dog Leg Road, just north of Shiloh, near the Stillwater River.

The original idea was to find a sunrise scene with the river in it, but it wasn't providing me what I was looking for at this spot. So I drove along, and just past the river, found this lovely prairie, which was actually designated as a "Nature Sanctuary" with a posted sign. Sometimes plans change, and sometimes for the better. It's important to be adaptable, and go with the flow. In doing so, I found this sanctuary, which provided me everything one could ask for in an early morning sunrise. Wildflowers, dew, mist, a beautiful painted sky, and most importantly, joy and happiness.