Rock Art - The Photographic Art of Burke Triple B Coleman

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Eternity - Temecula, California - USA

This piece was created from a photo of a large rock embedded into the hillside, in the hills of Temecula, CA. The actual rock was predominantly brown & golden. I drastically changed the hues to turn it into an abstract piece of art. However, the incredible range of colors & contrasts remains the same, and is what captured my attention, and fascination. I actually stopped the car specifically to capture this, having noticed it on my drive.

This is also my first piece that I significantly altered into an abstract-psychedelic-digital creation from a photograph, having mirrored the image to create the effect.

There are seemingly millions of colors in this piece, and the close up detail is truly incredible. As if eternity is contained within this wondrous creation of mother nature.

rockpsychedelicabstractdigital artmirrored

From Psychedelic-Digital-Experimental Art