Psychedelic-Digital-Experimental Art - The Photographic Art of Burke Triple B Coleman

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Frequency - Aguanga, California - USA

Sometimes my abstract creations come after the fact when I decide to experiment with editing. This is one that I had a vision of from the very start, while hanging out at the lake on a windy day. In a peaceful meditative state, I observed these mesmerizing, interestingly and beautiful ripples, patterns, and mixture of color created in the water, from the reflection of the grass in the lake. An example of the type of subtle, and profound beauty that can be experienced in life, when we're aware, and in the present moment. If you divide this piece into quarters you can see the original image, which is unaltered. I simply mirrored the image to create the psychedelic effect.

psychedelicwaterlakeabstractdigital artreflectionmirroredripples