Explorations - The Photographic Art of Burke Triple B Coleman

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Answering the Call - Kentucky, USA

Answering the Call - Kentucky, USA

This fantastic roadside scene caught my attention while riding through the back country roads of Kentucky, en route to Mammoth National Park in the summertime.

Queen Anne's lace can be found abundantly in the midwest at this time of year. With this glorious display, nestled against the natural wood fence, open country field and treelined backdrop, I couldn't resist the sudden excitement & urge to stop the car, in order to admire & capture the captivating scene.

A bit of a humorous memory accompanies the story. My wife & stepson were along for the journey. After a while of my capturing the scene, he commented to her, "What is he doing?!?! Let's go!" - clearly not understanding my need to answer the call when God/Nature's beauty speaks to me.