Burke is a writer, who shares his reflections on topics such as self exploration-discovery-expression, philosophy, spirituality, society, and human nature.  This  collection of  quotes demonstrates the purpose and philosophy of 3rd Eye Perspectives, and In The Moment.

More quotes & writings can be found on my other website: Awakening To Beauty by Triple B

Life is so beautiful, that it brings tears to my eyes.

I'd much rather watch the leaves blowing in the wind, the waves crashing on the shore, or the sun setting from the mountain top, than watch any TV program, any movie in a theater, or any competition. The simplicity & beauty of nature is where I find my solace, my inspiration, and my sanity.

The very fact alone, that you are here, existent, in this moment, should fill you with awe & faith in existence.  When we learn to appreciate the simple magnificence of life, the extraordinary appears more often.  Mere reverence, wonder, and awe for our experience expands the mind, and connects us to a universal source.

When we are in awe of beautiful butterflies, breath-taking waterfalls, artistic & athletic achievements, etc, you can easily turn that awe inward into full acceptance, deep love, and faith in yourself; once you realize that we all come from, and exist within, the same source.

As I have deepened my connection with the immensity of the beauty that mother nature has to offer us, I have deepened my connection with the immensity of the beauty that all of life has to offer.

There is beauty to be found within every single individual, and beauty to be found in all of our lives. When you recognize beauty in another person, and give them your adoration & affection, you're rewarded with seeing more of their true beauty, and receiving in return.  Life is the same.  As you recognize & appreciate the simple beauty & joys, it opens up to you, reveals more, and  brings more gifts.  As we smile at life, life will smile back.

All we are truly guaranteed in life, is each moment. Simply being alive, and experiencing in every moment, is such a gift that we take for granted. If we can simply be present and experience each moment, open to the experience with childlike wonder, the world becomes your playground. When we understand that each moment we're blessed with is a gift, and realize that it can all be taken away in an instant, there is gratitude for all that is, and every moment becomes one worth savoring.

We need only to look around us at the infinite, unfathomable buffet of beauty, provided to us by Mother Nature/God, to know that Heaven exists here on Earth. From the simplest of beauty, such as a flower, a shimmer on the wing of a butterfly, the intricacy of a spiderweb; to the most profound, such as the National Parks of the world, our world wonders, and mysteries. We don't need to imagine a Heaven, because our Almighty has already imagined it for us, and presents it in each and every moment for us to experience. We all have free will, and choices of how to perceive our world.  We can choose to see beauty in everything, and everyone.

Whenever a problem wants to enter your mind, simply replace the thought/feeling with gratitude for being alive. Breathe, feel the fresh air on your face, warm sun on your skin; observe the beauty in the sky, hear the sound of birds in the trees, or the leaves blowing in the wind.

Ultimately, on every possible level, life is whatever we choose to make it.  Whatever we choose to believe is what we'll experience.  If we believe in benevolence, grace, beauty, goodness; this is what we'll have in our lives.  If we believe in a higher power, in a greater good, that life has purpose, things happen for a reason; this is also what we'll experience.

When I take my last breath, I don't care what I have, or what people perceive me to be. What I care about is knowing who, and what I truly am; experiencing the awe, the mystery, the beauty of life, and walking a path of freedom & authenticity.


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