Midwest USA - The Photographic Art of Burke Triple B Coleman

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Reverent Reflection - Dayton, Ohio - USA

"It all begins with "reverence for life".. the revealing of the mysteries, the occurrences of magic.. when we learn to appreciate the simple magnificence of life, the extraordinary appears more often..

Mere reverence, wonder, and awe for our experience expands the mind, and connects us to a universal source..

What we label this reverence is of no importance.. call it Jesus, call it source, call it divinity, doesn't matter.. I use many phrases, but tend to settle on "intelligence" - something beyond our limited scope that puts it all together & holds it in place.

Matter of fact it's the labeling and attaching to ideas of what it is that closes the mind & puts us in divisive & defensive modes.. stops us from experiencing true wonder..

Thankfully we're provided opportunities moment to moment to practice being in awe.. the beauty & diversity of our planet.. the diversity & beauty of the strangers we meet.. so much beauty to observe.. so many reminders, so many reflections" ~ BBB

Tree and bushes reflection in a downtown, city park, man made pond in Dayton, Ohio

From Signature Art Collection