Midwest USA - The Photographic Art of Burke Triple B Coleman

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Pavement Profundity - Dayton, Ohio - USA

It's been said, and has also been my experience, that the world around you is a reflection of what's inside of you. See beauty, love, and goodness inside of you, and you will see it in the world around you. It also goes the other way. As you open to see and experience more beauty outside of yourself, in the world, you'll more easily find it inside. It's all connected, and all a reflection.

Here is a beautiful reflection found in the pavement, on a wet Winter day, walking along in an apartment complex. I imagine many would not see beauty in this scene, and perhaps wouldn't even be looking for beauty on a day such as this. For me, being present, in the moment, and knowing that there is beauty to be found everywhere, it was rather easy to see it reflecting back to me from the gravel ground of this parking lot.

From Signature Art Collection