Florida USA - The Photographic Art of Burke Triple B Coleman

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Springtime Trust - Ichetucknee, Florida - USA

This capture provides a wonderful memory. While staying in Florida, I met and became quick friends with a fellow photographer, who was also living a nomadic lifestyle traveling and exploring. She had much more expensive and sophisticated equipment than mine. Having just met, I asked if she would allow me to try out her lenses to capture some lovely flowering bushes in the campground.

A bit reluctant, she ultimately decided to trust me, and hand over $10,000 worth of lenses, stating that she'd never done this before, and it was a monumental trust exercise, to which I assured her there was nothing to fear. I was elated at the opportunity, knowing I would have much more artistic range & expression than with my own basic equipment.

This occurred in the Spring, and it occurs to me that Spring is a wonderful time of reassurance, reminding us that we can place our trust in God, in our path, and the natural cycles of life. Just as nature is renewed every year, and assured to do so, we can rest assured that we also will be provided what's needed to grow, emerge, and blossom, even after experiencing times of cold, wilting, and withdrawal. We can always trust in the promise of sunshine and new life.

From Signature Art Collection