In The Moment Commercial & Portrait Photography By Triple B - The Photographic Art of Burke Triple B Coleman

In the Moment is the brand name for the commercial & portrait side of my work.  It's an extension of my philosophical view of life.

When I slowed down, and began to live life In the Moment, a new world of beauty and wonder opened up to me.  I began to see the ordinary as extraordinary, and beauty in all things, in every moment.  The world has become my canvas, and it's  this outlook through which I recognize and capture the height of beauty in my subjects.

As a photographic artist, I see beauty in a way that can't be taught, only experienced.  I offer an unmatched passion & Love for my work, creating images with a "wow factor", that evoke excitement & emotion in it's viewers.  Because they are created from an internal place of excitement, emotion, and Love for our world.. aka Artistry.

My passion and outlook separates me, and can help you separate from the competition.

In addition to my passion & love for photographic artistry, I've spent my entire 20 year professional career delivering exceptional service to clients/customers.  I look forward to providing you with an amazing product & service!

With Love,

Burke "Triple B" Coleman

In The Moment - Commercial & Portrait Galleries

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