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My name is Burke.  Some call me Buddha.  You may like to call me Triple B, or perhaps just B.  I'm an artist, writer, explorer, follower of heart, dreamer, lover of life, beauty, the light, and the dark.  I've taken a path less traveled through life, and to becoming a photographic artist.  A journey guided by Love, Faith, Passion, and Purpose. 

With no training or guidance in art or photography, with minimal, basic equipment, what you see has evolved from a deep love and appreciation for the gift of life.  I have cried tears of Joy, more than once, over the realization of it's beauty.  From this place of Joy is where I decided this would be my career, or more accurately, my mission.  With no idea of how it would happen, with nothing more than the desire to share this love, and conviction in the calling to do so.

Through great sacrifices, and setbacks, I have remained true to this calling, to share my (HE)ART with you.

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Like most of us, I believed the path to fulfillment in life was working hard to acquire material gain.  After years of this pursuit, I found myself exhausted, stressed, utterly consumed by the desires & demands of our material world.  Pushed by the desire for financial gain.  Pulled by the fear of loss.  On auto-pilot, oblivious to the incredible beauty of our world surrounding me, with no energy or time to appreciate it.

My spirit and soul, neglected in this pursuit, began calling to me, questioning if this is what we're meant to do with our time here.  After a 10 year corporate career, I excused myself from the rat race to follow this calling.  Choosing to no longer be motivated by money or fear, I spent years soul searching, meditating, connecting to nature, and to the inherent divinity of our human nature.  Along this journey, I picked up a camera and a pen.  3rd Eye Perspectives, my original Art & Philosophy of Seeing Beauty Everywhere was born.

My world transformed, inside and out, when I chose to slow down, live in the now, and savor the present moment.  I simply made a choice to fall in Love with life, exactly as it is.  To appreciate the immense beauty that is always here, all around us, available in every moment, and to cherish these moments as a gift.   

I find amazement & beauty in the ordinary, the every day, capturing and sharing the world as it moves me.  Most of my work is spontaneous, "In the Moment", and you'll rarely find me with a tripod, because I prefer to move along to the next experience of beauty and wonder.  Additionally I attempt to convey the beauty of our world as it is, as I experience it, generally without too much technical trickery.

My calling is to share this experience, this Love, through my art and writings that accompany it.  To demonstrate how beauty, joy and happiness can be found in life, without the struggle of pursuing it.  My truest hope is to share with others, a piece of this joy that our miraculous world brings to me.

With Love,

Burke "Triple B" Coleman

See the "3rd Eye Perspectives" and "Quotes" sections for more information on this philosophy.


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