3rd Eye Perspectives Photographic Fine Art By Triple B - The Photographic Art of Burke Triple B Coleman

3rd Eye Perspectives is Art, with a purpose.  A fusion of my philosophical and visual perspective of our world.  It's about seeing the world in a different way, from a different perspective.   Seeing beauty, and finding joy everywhere we look, from the simple to the magnificent.  Celebrating & appreciating this miraculous world, and existence itself.  Cherishing every moment as a gift.

The world is my canvas. I feel there is beauty & art to be found everywhere we look. I attempt to convey this perspective, and my truest hope is to share with others, a piece of the joy that it brings to me.

Life itself is a miracle, and we're fortunate just to be here.  3rd Eye Perspectives is a reminder, and a gateway to this recognition.

See the "About Burke" section for more information on my artistic journey & vision.

With Love,

Burke "Triple B" Coleman

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