3rd Eye Perspectives is the Art of Seeing Beauty Everywhere.  The purpose of this work is to provide a reminder, and gateway to the realization that life is a miraculous gift, and the opportunity to experience it is a blessing.  

Life isn't easy, but it's beautiful, and it's so very easy to lose sight of this.  As human beings, inevitably, we experience a great deal of suffering, pain, loss, struggle, and sorrow.

Much of our suffering is caused by a shared mindset, a perspective, which creates the belief that more is required for happiness, and what we already have isn't enough.  More money, more security, more success, to be more, to have more.  A pursuit that, for many, leads to exhaustion, depression, disorders, and disease.

Society has us all so busy, focusing our attention ahead, on our desires for gain, or looking behind, terrified of what we might lose, if we stop or slow down.  Many aren't looking forward or back, only looking for peace of mind, and survival in a world that demands so much from us, in order to do so.

As a result, we often overlook countless opportunities to experience joy, awe, wonder, magic, and the miraculous beauty that is always here, always available for us, free of charge.  The beauty that is everywhere, waiting to be discovered, appreciated, connected to.  Beauty found not only in the world around us, but within one another.  To notice it requires only a moment of time.  A moment of presence.  

The 3rd Eye Perspective focuses on the present moment, cherishing each of them as a gift, knowing it's our only guarantee in life.  When we're grateful for all that we've been gifted, and appreciate the miracle of life, existence itself is a cause for celebration.  We discover a renewable source of happiness that arises internally,  can't be taken away, and eases the struggle of our external pursuits.

The 3rd Eye Perspective goes beyond the human mind, looks up to the sky, down to the Earth, passes through the soul, and connects us to the heart of God.  This is the place from which I view, feel, capture, and share the world. 

My truest hope and reason for this work, is to share with others, a piece of this joy that our miraculous world brings to me.  I offer these pieces of my (HE)ART for your walls, as a reminder of how beautiful life can be.

With Love,

Burke "Triple B" Coleman

See the "About Burke" section for the story of this artistic journey & vision.  Click "Quotes" for more from the 3rd Eye Perspective.


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