3rd Eye Perspectives Photographic Fine Art By Triple B - The Photographic Art of Burke Triple B Coleman

3rd Eye Perspectives is the Art of seeing beauty everywhere. An expression of true love & gratitude for the gift of life, and magic of existence. Born from a spiritual journey of awakening to the ever present beauty of life, of the Now.

It's an experiential perspective that fuses my visual and philosophical outlook. One of seeing beauty, and experiencing joy everywhere we look, from the simple to the magnificent. Celebrating & appreciating existence itself. Cherishing every moment as a gift.

Life itself is a miracle, and we're fortunate just to be here, and have this experience. 3rd Eye Perspectives is a reminder, and a gateway to this recognition.

I feel beauty, art, and happiness can be found in any moment, if we can simply be present, and slow down enough to observe. I attempt to convey this perspective, and my truest hope is to share with others, a piece of the joy that life brings to me.

See the "About Burke" section for more information on my artistic journey & vision.

With Love,

Burke "Triple B" Coleman

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