Trees & Forest - The Photographic Art of Burke Triple B Coleman

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Urban Awe in the Fall - Salem, Oregon - USA

One of the best places to see Fall color in the entire state of Oregon is actually in it's Capital city of Salem, with beautifully preserved, new and old stretches of nature throughout the city. This scene is on the edge of downtown. This beautiful, old, stone, mossy bridge was an instant favorite of mine upon arriving to Salem, but I hadn't photographed it yet.

Driving past this scene, I was looking forward and up, and was fascinated by the colorful tree canopy. I said, "aww man, shoulda came through here before the leaves all fell". Then said "it's still a nice scene, let's stop the car". It was then, In the Moment of awe & wonder that I recognized these incredible, huge piles of fallen leaves, and how well they played together with this bridge that I've been wanting to capture.

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