Signature Art Collection - The Photographic Art of Burke Triple B Coleman

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Drops of Reflection - Temecula, CA

It's these types of details of nature, and God's beauty that simply astonish me, cause me to take serious pause, and reflect on the magnificence of our existence. A contender for my absolute favorite capture, as I have such a vivid memory of the exhilarating feeling of seeing this.

What was interesting about this patch of dew is the fact that it was found in the afternoon around 1pm, when we normally find this early in the AM. Hiking through a field off the roadside, this glimmering patch caught my attention & called to me from the grass. I spent considerable time with it, meticulously capturing the full range of colors as well as the subtle, glimmering reflections of light, in an effort to represent the fascination and joy that this simple beauty provided to me.