Northeast USA - The Photographic Art of Burke Triple B Coleman

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Discovery - Cape Cod National Seashore, Massachusetts - USA

The highlight of Cape Cod National Seashore are the sand dunes. While exploring, I bumped into a Nat'l Park Ranger, and asked him what is his favorite view in the park? He pointed me to this spot up on top of the sandy cliffs.

Truthfully, I was a bit underwhelmed by the view. Then I began to notice the various layers and colors among the sand, and how this contrasted beautifully with the ocean and sky. This resulted in me turning the camera to provide an interesting, skewed perspective, bringing into focus the striking contrast of beautiful colors mother nature provides here.

In a scene that felt otherwise a bit mundane, I chose to look a little longer, and find the beauty that was waiting to be discovered. This piece can be hung vertically or horizontally.

From Scenics