In The Moment Commercial & Portrait Photography By Triple B - The Photographic Art of Burke Triple B Coleman

In the Moment is the brand name for the commercial & portrait side of my work.  It's an extension of my philosophical view of life, and it's about living in the now, and being present, In the Moment.

When I slowed down, and began to live life In the Moment, a new world of beauty and wonder opened up to me.  I began to see the ordinary as extraordinary, and beauty in all things, in every moment.  This is the outlook through which I recognize and capture the height of beauty in your self, or your business.        

When you work with me, you’re not just working with a camera and a lens. You’re working with the spirit of a man who truly lives life “In the Moment”, with a passion for recognizing and capturing his subjects in the best way possible.

I look forward to being In The Moment together.

With Love,

Burke "Triple B" Coleman

In The Moment - Commercial & Portrait Galleries

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