About Burke "Triple B" Coleman - The Photographic Art of Burke Triple B Coleman

Burke “Triple B” Coleman is an artist, writer, explorer, follower of heart, dreamer, lover of life, beauty, the light, and the dark.

My visual, and mental perspective of our world is born from a true, genuine love and gratitude for life, and this miraculous existence.   I have literally cried tears of Joy, more than once, over the realization of it's beauty.  I have no formal training in photography, and have used minimal/basic equipment.  What you see has evolved naturally from this love of our world.

I spent many years in the rat race of life, on auto-pilot, hardly noticing the incredible beauty around me.  My world changed, inside and out, when I chose to slow down, live in the now, and appreciate what is already here, all around us, available in every moment.  Then, I picked up a camera.  

While I love to visit amazing locations, I don't exclusively spend my time attempting to create amazing photos, and I don’t approach my work as a competition. Instead, I observe, and find amazement & beauty all around, every day. I capture & share the world as I see it, as it moves me. When something moves me, and speaks to my soul, that's when I reach for the camera. It's from this place of joy and awe, that I feel the real magic happens.

You'll rarely find me with a tripod, because I prefer to move along to the next experience of beauty and wonder.  

The world is my canvas.  I feel there is beauty & art to be found everywhere we look.  I attempt to convey this perspective, and my truest hope is to share with others, a piece of the joy that our amazing world brings to me.

With Love,

Burke "Triple B" Coleman

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